Thursday, July 31, 2008


I saw him hit two homers a couple weeks ago.

Besides that, wow. No more Manny. Tons of mixed feelings, but: thanks for 2004 and 2007. Good luck in LA...


  1. Yes, definitely mixed feelings. Although only mixed b/c of 2004. That year i was in *shock* that Nomar was gone, but that turned out okay.

    I'm sure most of the articles are ripping Manny, and rightfully so for his behavior. But I think perspective will eventually set in. The guy might be one of the best Free Agent signings ever. Sure the contract was an albatross in the early years, but every $100 MM contract has been eventually dumped (or attempted to be dumped) - Arod, Hampton, Kevin Brown, and Griffey were traded, Colorado tried to trade Helton, and the Yankees explored dumping Giambi. And the list of players with World Series rings playing with nine figure contracts contains only two names and only one who was a FA - Albert Pujols and Manny.

  2. Also, I am beginning to not believe much that comes from the Red Sox clubhouse. It really isn't a secret that the Sox FO wanted Manny gone.

    When I look at the two last MAJOR Sox to depart, they were both painted badly. Pedro was a hero/icon. Yes, he left to get a better deal, but everything about those negotiations in the press painted Pedro as a primadonna and didn't focus on his accomplishments. Of course, in hindsight, letting him go was the right choice, but he was slammed, and that's unfortunate.

    The other is, of course, Nomar. The guy was a superhero in Boston. I can't find 10 people who remember that guy now in a positive light. Ridiculous.

    Yes, Manny did some very annoying things. But it was worded as "common knowledge" by the press that he is an airhead. I disagree. I don't know him, but you can't be an airhead and know how to hit like that. He's pretty intelligent. And, he speaks two languages...

    AND, you can bet that if it were Youk or Lowell who shoved some guy in the clubhouse that it never makes it to the papers. Hell, Manny was slammed for fighting with Youk in the dugout when it was Youk's after-at-bat antics called out that caused it!

    Anyway, the Sox are going to miss Manny in the lineup. No doubt about that. Bay is good, and I am looking forward to seeing him play, but he ain't Manny.

    I am looking forward to the Sox pursuing pitching next year. With all the money they have coming off the books, they are in a great position to bolster the pitching staff...

  3. I've never understood the Manny hate by some in the fanbase and some in the media (Gammons has been brutal). He's a great player, and has been a joy to watch and root for the last 7 years. And the high-five earlier this season goes down as one of my all-time favorite baseball plays.

    But something happened this last month - I have no idea what, and I'm not sure anyone does - and Manny became miserable. We just don't know enough to say whether it was the FO, the media, or just him being weird. And once he became miserable, he had to be traded. Hopefully he'll be happy in LA (the media is pretty awful there, too, but not as negative), and that he and Torre get along.

    Anyway, Jason Bay's Sox debut reminds me a lot of Orlando Cabrera's. That's a good sign, I think...

  4. You guys are a bit closer to it than me living in Boston, but I do follow it pretty closely.

    Earl - you mention hate in the fanbase, but is it really with the fans or just the media. CHB rips him all the time on NESN. Same with Edes and Cafardo. But I think the fans are pretty supportive (until the last few days). The media bashing is largely (in my opinion) due to the fact that Manny does not talk to them - he doesn't fill their notebooks and make their job easy. Plus they don't have a working relationship with the guy, its really easy to rip the guy. I think most fans just wanted all this nonsense (and the other nonsense before it) to just go away.

    I think Manny "turned" this year when he wanted the Sox to pick up his options and/or extend him. Pretty simple. Pedro got his option for 2004 picked up earlier than they were required.

    Especially if the latest is true that Manny said if the Sox dropped his options, that the rest of this year would be no problems if he stayed in Boston. Is that FO spin? Hard to imagine they would make it up - Boras is a vocal guy. If its not true, I'm sure we will hear about it.

    And I disagree with GR a bit too. I agree that we will miss his bat (obisously). But I disagree that

    . it was the FO that wanted Manny gone. I think they wanted to keep him. And keep him productive. But his antics grew tiring. Even Manny admitted it "they're tired of me, I'm tired of them"

    . was Pedro slammed? I thought Pedro did the slamming. His direct shots at Boston on the way out the door. Say what you will, but he WAS (and still is to an extent) a primadonna.

    Yes these guys were icons, but they had serious issues and flaws. I think the fans wanted these guys to be heros. And wanted them to stay - its just that the FO approached it as a business. Nixon left. He would have loved to stay. Fans would have loved to keep him. But they saw a declining player and moved on.

    I'm excited for the team as well. Even this year. If they sort the pen out, no reason they can't make a run. And next year as well - although there really is not much $$ coming off the books especially compared to the $80MM coming off NY:

    Manny's $20 MM is consumme by Bay plus the $7MM they pay Manny this year (I guess you could count it as sunk cost this year).

    Tek will be gone, but some of the $10MM will go back to him or another catcher.

    Schilling's $8, Taverez's $3.8, Timin's $3, Oki's $1.2, Cora $2 and Case $1.

    So that's about $30MM. But they will need a catcher, lots of relievers, a backup IF (unless they go with Lowrie/Lugo) and a Casey type. And then there will be some big increases for Youk and Paps and some smaller ones for Lester Pedroia Elsbury delcarment and bucholz.

    So yeah, there is some money. But not like the Yanks (and Mets) who will have many, many millions coming off to go with many, many millions of new revenue. Not to mention the chance for Manny to sign an F-you contract with NY.

    . if it was Youk or Lowell we would not hear about it. Its a 24/7 news market. My guess is it would get out. Might be handled better. The player might step up and admit a mistake - who knows.