Saturday, July 05, 2008

What a dushbag

Okay, so the A-Rod/Madonna/Lenny Kravitz thing is pretty awesome. But this is way, way, WAY awesomer. (Baseball sideshows sure are fun when they involve non-Boston teams!!!)

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  1. Fun with numbers. From today's globe (in what appeared to be pointing out that the Sox pen is struggling - with which I agree, I just think these numbers were silly):

    "105 -105 of the 330 walks allowed by Red Sox pitchers have come in the seventh inning or later."

    Hmmm. Let's see. Nine innings in a game. One-third of them are the 7, 8 or 9th. One-third of 330 is.... 110. Wow. Okay, so games on the road that they lose (28), the home team does not bat, and 12 extra inning games makes the math (I would guess) about exactly equal.