Friday, June 20, 2008

Schilling end of an era?

Curtis Montague wasted no time announcing his end-game for his career. But in my mind, we ever there is loss there is opportunity.

how soon do we start talking about C.C. coming to Boston?


  1. I couldn't resist continuing the theme.

    Oh hey.. look live game blog over here!

  2. I don't think that Cleveland is far enough out, yet. They will get Carmona back soon, and could land an arm on the market. Plus, the White Sox are leading that division (weak), and the Twins are in second (too young and not deep enough pitching). Yes, Cleveland has a few holes, but they still stand a chance to win that division.

    Also, who is going to give Cleveland top picks without a guarantee of signing CC to an extension?

    Man, imagine CC and Bartolo in the same rotation. The heaviest rotation in the league...

  3. Hah... that's awesome about the fat-fuck line up... That's what Daisy calls Bartolo, "F-squared".

    Good times. Got to love a woman that curses well.

    So now that Cleveland has gone flat and the White Sox and Twins look like the likely contenders (with Detroit as the dark horse), how's that C.C. Trade looking now?

    ... (To be Continued)