Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So as you know I'm of two minds about Boston's ridiculous sports dominance as of late, but this is pretty damn funny:

Boston: our sports teams are so good that 18-1 football teams are considered historic failures.

A question, which I'm sure will be in tomorrow's papers: has a city ever done so well in sports in a single year? (The Revs made the finals as well.) Pittsburgh had a nice run in the late 70's, but that was "only" in 2 sports...


  1. Yeah... this has to be a historic run of some kind. I am still in shock that this is the first championship in 20+ years that was won in Boston. Of course it makes sense, but it is a funny stat.

  2. Weird stat...

    The Jets and Mets both won in 1969.

    The Giants and Mets both won in 1986.

    With the Giants winning this year, you would think the Mets would have an "in"...not looking that way right now, though.

  3. By the way, the NY Rangers went fairly deep in the playoffs in 1986, too.

    Also the Eagles lost to the Raiders in 1980 while the Phillies won the World Series. The Flyers made the quarter finals and went 7 games.

  4. The 49ers won the SB the year (before and after) the year of the Bay area World Series.