Thursday, November 30, 2006

Random Thought

I really like how Tom Glavine was going through some deep internal debate about whether to pursue his 300th victory as a Met or a Brave. And it was very nice of him to keep us informed of his thought process – he was taking a vacation with his family over Thanksgiving and would have his mind made up by Monday. One small problem with his process. The Braves aren’t interested. Interesting approach. And I guess it is not done, but if you are the Braves do you make him a $5MM take it or leave it offer. Or do you engage in “negotiations” in order to drive up the price for your division rival. Especially now that Minaya must be getting antsy. Its almost December 1 and he hasn’t signed any huge multi-year contracts yet.


  1. Nice to see that Albert Pujols is getting good advice on PR. First it was how unimpressive Galvine was when he shut them down in the playoffs and now it is that an MVP should only come from a playoff time. Nice. Maybe someone should suggest that an MVP’s team should win more than 83 games?

  2. It still humors me that in order for the Sox to trade Manny, the team acquiring him may be asked to exercise his options or extend the contract so that Manny will approve the trade. That is, approve the trade that he requested. America is a great country.

  3. I actually didn't follow the Glavine thing. Is he doing a beauty-pageant sort of thing?

    Pujols's comments are an embarrassment. (Worse than Ortiz's about Jeter...and those were pretty bad.) The reporter should have started ticking off names of past, non-playoff MVP's, and asked Pujols if he felt they weren't worthy.