Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hoo boy

Leave it to the Chicago Cubs to make Todd Helton's ridiculous contract seem reasonable, and the $51M posting fee for Matsuzaka a downright bargain. $136M for eight years? For a 30-year old? Who can't play defense? I doubt I have anything to say that others haven't said already, but so far I haven't found anyone who thinks this is a great idea for the Cubs...


  1. I can't say that this is the best idea they've had, but he'll hit a million home runs there. Plus, with Derek Lee and Aramis Ramirez in there with him, that becomes a scary lineup.

    Will there defense in the OF suffer? Hard to say. Look at their alternatives. None...

    The Cubs are spending a ton of money all around...

    And, let's face it, that division is up for grabs. Looks like the Cubbies are going for it.

  2. Their offense is indeed scary, but their pitching sucks...

  3. Usually when a business is putting itself up for sale, don't they try to reduce their long term liabilities?

  4. Well, smart businesses, sure. But these are the Cubs we're talking about.

    Any idea why they didn't try to re-sign Juan Pierre?

  5. Probably because he is getting ridiculous money for the type of player he is...he is getting power hitter money...

  6. If $9M a year for 5 years is "power hitter money", then what is $17M a year for 8 years? MVP/HoF money?

  7. I don't know...maybe it is just me...but I hate that everyone is making multi-millions...Seriously, A-Rod and Manny's contracts don't seem bad now...there are a lot of them coming about now.

    I think 9MM/year is a ton for a guy who hit .292 with 3HR and 40 RBI. Ok, that is just one year...let's look at his yearly averages...

    .303 average, 2 HRs, 46 RBI. Is that worth 9MM to you? Yes, he steals a ton of bases. But this guy is way overpaid.

    And to answer your question...$17MM is ridiculous for anyone (and Manny and A-Rod, and Jeter are probably HOFs)...Soriano doesn't deserve that much...

  8. And Big Papi made $6.5MM last year just to give a little more perspective.

  9. I'm in total agreement. Pierre's contract is absolutely insane, but I'm not sure it's worse than Soriano's. It's the 8 years that gets me - does anyone really think Soriano will be worth $17 million in 2014, when he's 38?!? Something like $20M per year for 5 years would make much more sense.

    And yes, Manny's and ARod's contracts seem reasonable now; as does the $51M posting fee for DM (I was only half-joking in the original post). Seriously: I imagine a few GM's are now regretting not getting Manny off irrevocable waivers back in early 2004.

    Another totally reasonable contract that puts this all in perspective: Johann Santana made $8.75M in 2006.

  10. The best two trade I've heard of for Ramirez is Michael Young (and prospects), or Ervin Santana and Scot Shields.

    Especially if the Sox are gunning for JD Drew.

    I would have liked the Sox to take a run at Catalanotto (sp?) for the 4th outfielder. I know...Wily Mo...but he is probably gone.

    Back to the contracts...Giving Pierre 9MM/year is more damaging to GMs, I think. The guy is a good player, but now most guys are going to look at his numbers and command $9MM/year...Everyone knows Soriano is a defensive liability, but a very good hitter (albeit impatient). Since he obviously isn't in the same class as Manny and A-Rod, everyone knows that is an insane contract.