Friday, November 03, 2006

Load Of Crapola

Jeter wins the Gold Glove???
That's it...This award means absolutely nothing.

He had twice as many errors as Gonzalez, and certainly not the range.

And this is voted on by the players and managers.

That's a shame...Gonzalez owns that position.


  1. I've stopped caring. Gold Gloves, MVPs, Cy Youngs all stopped mattering a while back . They're based on nothing. They've tried introducing new ones, like the Hank Aaron Award, but already that's a joke (Jeter was *not* the best offensive player in the AL).

    What's interesting is that one award that does seem to be done reasonably well is Rookie of the Year. And this makes sense: no chance for "lifetime achievement awards", unlikely that personalities ("intangibles") will be known enough to make a difference, etc. So the voters have to rely on - ulp! - statistics.

    (On that note, Silver Slugger is a pretty decent category as well. But it's hard to mess that one up.)

  2. I agree that the ROY is mostly accurate because there are no politics.

    Let's face it, these awards are popularity contests. I say we come up with out own awards, like:

    1. Biggest Asshole (AL/NL minimum 100 games)
    2. Biggest Whiner (AL/NL minimum 100 games)
    3. Least Bang for your buck (AL/NL minimum 100 games)
    4. Most underrated (AL/NL minimum 100 games)
    5. Best Teammate (AL/NL minimum 100 games)

    Naturally, these aren't the best but I am sure we can come up with 5-10 good ones and then do our own voting.

  3. Games played killed our Gonzo.