Saturday, June 11, 2011

Five weeks later

About 5 weeks ago, we had a bunch of dialogue on here about the Sox, the AL East, and particularly 95 wins. At the time they needed a .619 clip the rest of the season to win 95. And there was much consternation that this level of success could be achieved. Since that post they have gone 24-9 (a .727 clip).

So they are far exceeding that pace. Obviously they have played some great ball (the current 8 game winning streak, the two sweeps in NY, the 13- 2 stretch at one point), but this appears to be a streaky team. But now they have had three really long excellent stretches and only the bad start on the downside. And sure they will have one or more cold spells at some point. But, I'm saving my best for last......

As of right now, the Sox are 38-26, a .594 pace. Which over the full season works out to 96 wins. So even after the awful start they are on pace for 95, 96 wins. Right on pace.

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  1. This is ridiculous that they've been able to do this with really only three pitchers (sorry Wake...nothing personal).

    I will start my "Grieve" like postings soon, but I've got to focus on the Bs right now.

    All or nothing tonight...Go Bs...