Monday, May 04, 2009

That was closer than it looked

It appears that the Rays have our number. In 7 games this year the Red Sox are 2-5 against the Rays. Yesterday's game was well within reach. Penny did as well as we could ask for and yet the stars did not align. Hopefully, we can turn things around next weekend and at least take the series. That would leave us at 4-6 or 5-5 with a sweep. Regardless, the best news is that we're more than half over with the Rays and it's only the first full week of May.

This of course, is ignoring the big news on everyone's calendar: Red Sox in the new Yankee Stadium. Did you hear that Terry had to pony up the $2,000+ to get his family seats. (Ok, I am just trying to spread a nasty rumor). It should make for good Monday night tv.

Finally, a word about Jerry. Buck Martinez was a pleasure to listen to all weekend. I am sure he makes as many mistakes as other announcers, but quite frankly I enjoyed his more serious approach when compared to Remy and his air-guitar (although that was frickin' hilarious). No news on Remy's return, yet. I am wondering what his illness was that took him out in Spring Training and this past weekend. Could it be, showing up drunk to the booth?! (Ok, more nasty rumors)


  1. Too lazy to log Daisy out... this is Dino (still talking to myself apparently).

    What a week in baseball! Manny out for 50 games for PEDs, AROD continues to have anal leakage (I mean details of Selena Robert's shitty book continue to leak out), Dom DiMaggio passes on, and no return in site for Jerry Remy. Oh yeah, and the Sox have been on feugo! After sweeping a short series in NY, they split a 2 game series with Cleveland featuring a 12 run inning!

    Continuing their pace (at least in the 6th inning), the Sox put up 5 runs last night off of a hard throwing Shields and it turns out to be enough to net Penny a win!

    Today's day game features Kazmir v. Lester . Should be a good one.

  2. Crap.. Longoria goes deep 2-0 Rays.

  3. Bay does it again! I won't bore myself with any comparisons to Manny (given his recent 50 game suspension), but you get the idea. Theo is looking smarter and smarter (if that is possible).

    Red Sox travel West this week. We get the night off tonight and have a 3 game set against the Angels followed by 3 against Seattle.

    With regards to our East Division rivals, we are 4-6 against the Rays (winning 3 in the last 8 days) and we have a nice lead on the NYY (5-0). Interestingly, we have yet to plan the division leaders, Toronto. Not to worry that is next week's agenda. Incidentally, we're 4-0 against the Orioles. Cumulatively, we're 13-6 in the division. Not too shabby!