Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Manny less Dodgers slip from MLB lead

With or without Manny in the line up, I don't think anyone predicted that May 12th would mark the day that the Dodgers finally slipped from the MLB lead for best record. On top of that, no one would have predicted that the Toronto Blue Jays would be the team to take over the lead. This must be Bizzaro world.

The Sox are keeping pace with the hot team from up North, despite having both Youkalis and now Pedroia out of the line up. Captain Tek came through last night in the clutch with a big double. I admire the fact that the Sox are built to win, regardless of who is in or out. It's a thing of beauty!


  1. That didn't last long! Dodgers, back into the lead... 23-12 record.

  2. You got to love extra innings in a rubber game!

    huh huh... I said "rubber".

    PS - This is Dino if you haven't already guessed.