Friday, October 17, 2008


Since 1999, Sox are 15-3 when facing elimination in the postseason. Pretty exciting team.

1999: won 3 from the Indians (3-1)
2003: won 3 from from A's, 1 from the Yankees (7-2)
2004: won 4 from the Yankees (11-2)
2005: *cough* (11-3)
2007: won 3 from the Indians (14-3)
2008: beat the Devil Rays (15-3)

Let's make it 17-3.


  1. You've got to respect a team that performs well under pressure.

  2. Holy crap. That was awesome. The amazing part was that they looked like they had no energy at all. Then they exploded. Ridiculous.

    I am not sure about coming all the way back, but it is possible. Beckett will probably go 5-6 innings and give up 4. Can the Sox score off of Shields?

    Then Lester v Garza.

    Funny enough, the away team has done well in this series. I like Boston's chances back in the dome based on games 1 and 2.