Saturday, October 18, 2008

F.... TBS

Wow...technical difficulties from TBS have made me miss almost the whole first inning. I hope that they never get to carry a game again. Ridiculous.

Upton already with a home run. Crap...


  1. Nice double play...on to the second. anyone else checking in here?

  2. The Sox will be in to the Rays bullpen early, but not scoring more than 1 in the third is tough...

  3. Oh home plate umpire (cousins is out after getting hit by the foul ball).

    also, it looks like this will be in the bullpen for both teams by the 6th... getting nervous.

    Of course, no one else is commenting, so I'll be nervous by myself!

  4. This is crap...McClelland called the first game that Shields pitched...

  5. Nice work Grieves... you carried us through that.