Sunday, April 13, 2008

Two down 16 more to go

Fox's coverage yesterday was pretty miserable. In fact, at one point Daisy was moved to scream, "why don't you go into the dug-out and suck on his balls?!", in reaction to Buck's and McCarver's typical ass-kissing. I love that girl! Naturally, the 131-minute rain delay made things interesting. It was good to see Pap shut down Arod with 3 pitches and go onto to a smooth 9th. Manny is the man and I can't wait for Ortiz to get out of his slump.

So today is the rubber match: Dice-K vs. Phil Hughes. It's actually quite fitting. The Yankees have finally stopped their annual binge and purge of dead-arm veteran pitchers and over-the-hill sluggers. Phil Hughes is the face of the "Next Generation" Yankees, along with Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain. On the other side, Dice-K is the Sox's 100 Million dollar man.

Advantage, Dice-K: With a BB/K ration of 9/22 and an ERA of 1.47. Hughes struggled against the new look Royals, but rebounded against the Blue Jays (5/6 BB/K and 5.00 ERA). Of course, this could come down to bullpens. As we all know, Dice-K can take an inning or two to find the strike zone. If the Sox can build an early lead, that might help motivate Dice-K to challenge hitters out of the gate.


  1. Yeah, Fox as awful. The announcing was the usaul crap. But the topper might have been switching with 2 outs in the 9th to fX. I had no clue where fX was on my satellite box. Thankfully I got there in time to see the last out. You think they could have had the race hold on a few minutes or given a two minute warning - Like an *exact* time they were going to swithc, instead of just "when the race starts."

    My favorite gem was McCarver on Papelbon - "a few pitchers can get you out with power, a few with finesse, but Papelbon can do it with both."

    So only a few pitchers can get major league hitters out in general? Another thing I thought was funny was when they showed the hot zone, they seemed a bit miffed that Cano had over .330 (Or something) for all areas of the box, except low and away and even that was .286. They seemed to have trouble understanding it. Obviously, the chart does not include K data. Tim and Joe are always so quick to explain basic crap that every fan would know, but then miss intricacies of the game.

    I have to stop listening b/c McCarver is always trying to come up with his little witty quips.

    Sounds like you and Daisy were pretty fired up, hope you enjoyed the 2 hour rain delay ;-)

  2. No one around... still an odd line up tonight:


    With Drew being hot, I like this line up.

    Jacony on third! Error on pitch out.

  3. Right... so no one is around. But for the sake of Earl. I'll post on.

    It's the top of the third no outs and the Red Sox of scored their 2nd run of the inning.

    That's the night for Hughes. Ironically, Dice-K has 1 more walk in as many innings pitched.

    and now... ladies and gentlemen: Ross Ohlendorf!

  4. Dude, that showed no commitment. "For the sake of early, you'll post on" and then you give up after one post?

    I've seen earl do something like 20 posts without anyone around. You should be ashamed.

  5. what can I say... I am half the blogger that Earl is...