Friday, April 04, 2008


The Tigers just lost their fourth in a row (3 to KC, this one to CHW). Small sample sizes are fun, but: rough start, or are they just not as good as people expected? Anyway, I was a little shocked to read this:
Not exactly the start hoped for by Detroit, which at $138.7 million opened the season with the second-highest payroll in the major leagues behind the New York Yankees.
This hasn't gotten that much press I think - everyone thinks of the Red Sox as having the 2nd highest payroll. In fact, they're not even third - the Mets have a higher payroll as well. Full list here. Top 2008 salaries are here - Yanks have the top three (ARod, Giambi, Jeter) and five of the top 12 (Abreu and Pettitte). Red Sox only have one player in the top 25 of salary - Manny Ramirez, in at #4.

Also, this is great.

Also, where is everyone? (Busy sulking about your crappy fantasy teams?)

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  1. Too busy going to the two games in Oaktown. Nice wins, btw.

    What is great about the DET losses (and actually kind of unfortunate) is that everyone has been saying all spring their bullpen has holes. and now the pen has cost them 3 of the 4 games. Classic.

    Although I don't like how every college hoops analysts is now saying Memphis will lose b/c they can't shoot free throws. Okay, they don't have the best stats, but they can run circles around everyone and will be winning by 15 at halftime, so the FTs really won't matter.

    I'm not sure why one group of analysts being right makes me happy and another group of analysts pointing put a weakness annoys me. Maybe I am disturbed mentally.