Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Next Dimaggio

(AP)—Tampa Bay’s Rocco Baldelli will begin the season on the disabled list because of a condition that the oft-injured outfielder says leaves him feeling extremely fatigued after short workouts.

What is this world coming to. In the old days, we would just say this guy is out of shape. And what else is in the news.

Billy Crystal is going to play a game for the Yanks. I expect this nonsense from the Padres. What's next? Put it on ebay - the chance to play for the Yankees. If NY's governor will pay $80K for sex, certainly there are some fans that will pay at least that to play in a spring training game.

So, Beckett's back is hurting. Is it my fault for jinxing the Sox rotation with my question of what it would look like without him? Also, give me the pulse of the nation. Panic? The whole thing could be a smoke screen for the Sox wanting to have Devern Hansack and Julian Tavarez pitching their first two games of the season.

And I love that today Girardi protested an exhibition game. Okay, what if he wins. Do they have to play the exhibition game over from the point of protest?


  1. Did Girardi protest this last game or the first time they clashed with the Rays? And what the hell is up with Duncun going in cleats up when he was thrown out by 10 feet?!

    I guess the same could be said of Gomes knocking into Duncan all the way from right field.

    Has a bench-clearing brawl EVER happened in spring training? This is nuts.

  2. Ok.. this is Earl-esque. Turns out there is a history of brawls in spring training!

  3. I'm pretty sure Julian Tavarez got in a fight during spring traning(with TB nonetheless) in his first season with Sox. I recall a fight at the plate after a passed ball and rough slide, or something.

  4. Oh, and if my memory served me right, it was more than a three game suspension. for a shoving match.

    Not an obviously premeditated dirty play.

  5. Have you seen our video blog/comic strip?