Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Granderson to Yanks

It might be just me, but this one just makes me yawn? If Granderson takes Damon's place, frankly, that is a downgrade. Not to mention that Granderson can't hit lefties and has been in a steep two year decline. Okay, so he *might* bounce back playing in that tiny ball park. But he might not. We know what Damon could/did do. so for now, they have downgraded.

That being said, my gut tells me they aren't done. Melky, well, he kind of sucks. So they probably will sign Bay or Holliday and dump Melky for some middle reliever. And they will do it after one of Bay or Holliday has signed somewhere else, leaving the Sox no option and fueling the end of the world discussions in Boston, WEEI, etc.

Put another log on the hot stove Theo. Its about to get real chilly in Boston.


  1. Actually the Granderson move makes a lot of sense. They are also giving up Matsui. So, they gain a leadoff hitter which moves the rest of the lineup down one notch. So Jeter is 2, A-Rod 3, Texeira, and on ...

    I am most pissed about the Sox talk. The Lowell trade did not gain anything for the Sox this year. Max is obviously going to spend the year in AAA as Victor Martinez and Varitek cover the catching duties.

    The replacement for Lowell is rumored to be Adrian Beltre. I mean that is great and all if they also sign a left fielder with power.

    However, for LF the rumors are Mike Cameron (really?), CoCo Crisp (highly unlikely), and possibly Milton Bradley (ugh).

    Here comes the Grieve:


    That ain't winning the East.

    Pitching rumors are out there as well, and as I am typing, the Boston Globe has announced the Sox have signed Boof Bonser (Earl will love this...). They are also chasing Bedard (a guy with potential upside, but one of those "rebuilds" that are no good).