Monday, January 19, 2009

Awakened from my slumber... the newest member of the Red Sox organization, named "Randor Bierd". Randor! Man, his name sounds like a typo. Or one of our backwards-pronounced names. In any case, 12eight seems to be sadly out of commission, but I think our new friend Randor (dude's name is Randor!) is an immediate contender for the next Arquimedez Pozo Award.

...P.S. Randor!


  1. Hey all...just want to leave a quick A-Rod comment here. I know that he wasn't the only guy doing it. However, he was in the league quite a few years before the testing (and before he got caught).

    He was on Seattle beginning in 1994 (though very short term that year). Still that is 9 years before he got caught...Long enough to earn the largest contract in baseball history when he signed with the Rangers...

    I call BS.

  2. Hey Earl!

    Just found your blog... good stuff!

    My name is Rob and write The Bottom Line blog. I've been writing for almost two years now, but I recently changed my URL and I'm trying to spread the word.

    Would you be willing to add my blog to your list of Sox blogs?

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    I will add The GYS Network to my links page as well.

    Thanks and go Sox!