Thursday, November 06, 2008

Is it hot stove season already?!

Is it me, or do the hot stove conversations keep moving up each year? has all the action of the AIG bailout retreat, I mean GM retreat at Dana Point.

It sounds hot and heavy.

It really looks like the Yankees will be a new team next year and the only news the Sox have managed is to sign boy-genius.


  1. Interesting interview with Scott Bor-ASS on Manny.

    Apparently, EVERYONE including the players were ready to see Manny leave the Red Sox. I guess I am not surprised, but it is still interesting.

  2. SO...let's break down the Sox.

    Youk at first
    Pedroia at second
    Lugo (they can't unload him)and Lowrie at SS
    Lowell at 3rd (Lowrie or Youk, too)
    Drew in RF
    Bay in LF
    Coco and/or Ellsbury in CF
    Papi at DH

    There's a lot of talk about Texeira, but I don't see that happening. Can't disrespect Mikey Lowell (and Youk would move to third with a move like that).

    As for pitching:
    Daisuke (off-season work to get him attacking the strike zone so he goes more than 5 innings...)
    Beckett (healthy)
    Wake is back
    You have Masterson, Buchholz or Bowdoin for the 5-slot, or they make a trade for a big arm. But who??? I might be crazy, but CC doesn't do it for me in the AL East. Sheets has been hurt too much, and you have 3 legit top of the rotation guys already.

    They need to build the pen, but that's a crap shoot.

    Hard to say what they need to do but add a utility guy or two, and add some bullpen depth.

    Probably not a big off-season.

    Hard for me to be excited about this Sox team (despite them being 5 wins short of back-to-back titles).

    With a healthy Lowell and Beckett, though, this team could do it again.